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A retail space renovation requires a significant financial outlay. Business owners invest in these remodelling initiatives in the hopes of receiving an expedient return on their investment. Therefore, trusting novice contractors with a retail space renovation project is unwise and impractical. BelVan is proud of its team's ten years of experience, expertise and certification, which enable it to provide high-end and economical retail space remodelling and construction services.


What Is A Retail Store Renovation?

Renovating a retail space entails altering its layout, interior, or exterior to enhance its aesthetic and fulfill the evolving requirements and growth needs of your business.

BelVan construction recognizes the fact that retail spaces require frequent renovations owing to the nature of the industry and its operations. From accommodating regular business expansions and advancements to remodelling the space to make it aesthetically more appealing to customers, a retail space owner may require retail space renovation services for numerous reasons.

What Are The Most Common Retail Space Renovation Services?

Our team of experienced designers, engineers, subcontractors, and site workers can handle a variety of retail space renovation tasks. Whether you need to alter your space’s layout to accommodate your operation automation needs or want to add a new restroom or entrance, our team can plan, execute, monitor, and complete any type of retail space renovation project with due diligence and deliver quality results.

  • Store Renovation And Expansion
  • Exterior/Interior Renovation
  • Lighting And Electrical Layout Changes
  • Wall Redesign
  • Floor, Roof, And Siding Renovations
  • Windows, Entrance, And Exit Additions
  • Additional Offices Or Meeting Rooms

Why You Should Remodel Your Store With Our Retail Store Renovation Services

  • High-end and collaborative renovation process that protects an owner’s interests
  • Accurate cost estimation, budgeting, and scheduling
  • Documented and transparent change management system
  • Overlapped workflows to save time

Our Retail Space Renovation Process

1. Initial Consultation And Planning

BelVan Construction adheres to a well-defined renovation process that fosters engagement and collaboration between the owner and the other stakeholders from conception to completion of the project. We start off with a detailed meeting that brings the owner, their chosen design team, and the contractors around the same table to thoroughly discuss the owner’s needs and goals and work accordingly.

2. Conceptual Planning & Design

Based on the information obtained in the initial meetings, the owner’s chosen design team collaborates with other stakeholders to develop detailed designs and blueprints for your retail space renovation project. Our team uses a modern combination of software and techniques to ensure each of your requirements is clearly incorporated into the design elements and the relevant plans.

3. Cost Estimation & Budgeting

Based on the design, our cost estimators use a variety of high-end tools and draw from their profound knowledge to draft a detailed budget of the expected project costs.

4. Task Scheduling & Sequencing

Once the plans and designs have been finalized, the tasks are scheduled in the most beneficial succession, ensuring concurrent work quality and time-saving. We overlap our workflows to ensure you get the best results as soon as possible.

5. Pre-Renovation Logistics

During this step, a lot happens at the same time. While some members of our team use the designs to apply for the necessary permits, the same designs are also used by requisition experts to attain the most reasonable sub-trade and supplier pricing for your project.

6. Renovation

Finally, it is time to put the plan into action. Our overlapping workflow technique allows our project managing and construction teams to synchronically coordinate renovation activities while keeping the owner updated at regular intervals.


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