Ask These Questions When Hiring A Commercial Construction And Renovation Company

Are you planning to remodel your existing office to modernize your building and add additional features? If so, then you should have these questions in mind to ask your potential commercial construction and renovation company.

The following are some vital questions you should ask to select the right general contractor for your particular office remodeling job:

Can We Continue Our Business Operations During Renovation?

This is one of the most critical questions to ask your potential office renovation experts. That’s because being out of business during a remodeling project can have adverse effects on your company. This isn’t just about missing out on revenues; it can also make your loyal clients seek out services somewhere else and may never return.

Therefore, it’s best to discuss this topic with your commercial remodeling company to develop a plan to accommodate your needs, even if that means completing the work in stages.

Why Do You Think You Are The Best Fit For Our Commercial Renovation Project?

It makes sense to learn what the general contractor brings to the table. A renovation project will go smoothly and be less stressful when you have complete confidence in your commercial builder’s expertise. It would help if you also discussed how they will adhere to building codes and manage permit issues, supervise the work and what warranties they will offer.

How Long Have You Been In This Business And Do You Have References?

It’s essential to determine how long your prospective commercial construction and remodeling company has operated in the industry. Generally, the more experience a company has, the more reliable track record it will have. You must also ask for a list of client references and make calls to verify all relevant facts and get to know about their experience with the contractor.

What Do You Do to Keep Your Jobsite Safe for the Workers and Visitors ?

A qualified commercial contractor should have a specialized Health & Safety Program that documents how they identify, control and document hazards in the workplace. Larger commercial contractors will be able to prove their safety competence by being COR certified by their local Construction Safety Association.

Are You Insured?

It’s essential for a renovation company to have general liability insurance, including coverage for property damage and physical injury caused during work. The contractor’s insurance policy must include workers’ compensation for injuries suffered during the job. Without liability insurance, you and the property owner can be held liable for damages.

Do you use your own labour force to complete the work or do you rely primarily on sub-trades?

It’s not uncommon for a contractor to utilize subcontractors to complete much of the specialty trade work. You should inquire about how these sub-trades are pre-qualified for quality and safety.

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