BelVan Construction has implemented a thorough “COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol” which ensures the health and safety of our clients, staff, subtrades and the general public.

COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol

As a Design-build contractor, BelVan Construction compiles a team of architects, designers, engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors operating under a single contract with the client to provide state-of-the-art building design and construction services. We maintain one entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept to completion.

Our design-build contract service is a preferred method in many of our commercial construction projects. Being a single source of responsibility for the client, we ensure that we deliver high-quality project design, construction, and renovation services. We strive to understand each step of the project, developing innovative ways to reduce costs and enhance the schedule by working closely with a qualified design-build engineering team.

Contractor led Design-build offers Belvan Construction an efficient and collaborative way of executing a building project by leveraging single-source planning, design capabilities, and construction expertise. It also allows us to bring enhanced value, accountability, and control to your custom project.

The design-build method enables us to apply increased control of your project's cost and timeline while simultaneously providing a single trusted point of contact for queries during or after construction. As Edmonton’s leading commercial building designers, Belvan Construction is entirely transparent about its clients’ custom building project’s process, costs, and profits while rendering efficient and effective design and build services.


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