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To attract more customers and meet the demands of today's constantly shifting market, restaurant owners must keep their facilities modern, effective, and secure. Restaurants have specific construction and renovation demands not shared by other businesses. This is why hiring expert contractors is essential to attain the desired outcome.

From the building’s layout to its ventilation needs, fire safety regulations and specialist equipment requirements, our experienced restaurant renovation contractors understand every aspect of restaurant construction and renovation. The care we put into each construction project demonstrates our commitment to service and quality.

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BelVan’s Design-Build Renovation Approach

Working with BelVan Construction gives you the confidence that your project is in the right hands. Whether you need a new space for your restaurant or want to expand or renovate your current room to better accommodate your changing needs, our highly customized and integrated restaurant renovation and construction services have the answers.

We keenly manage the restaurant renovation project from design and pre-construction to completion. Our team ensures that your project is on schedule, within budget, and up to your expectations. Being experts in renovation projects, we know what it takes to transform a concept into a realistic, viable, and high-quality restaurant renovation project.

What Makes Our Restaurant Renovations Elite?

With years of hands-on expertise in restaurant renovations and new construction projects, BelVan Construction is committed to delivering quality. Here are some reasons that make our restaurant renovations elite:

  • Our specializations include restaurant renovation, commercial construction, and remodelling.
  • We deal in commercial restaurant design and will secure building permits if necessary.
  • We can assist you in sourcing high-end restaurant equipment and furniture.
  • We assist our clients with value engineering to save them time and money.
  • Our restaurant projects include everything from renovations of existing spaces to new additions and the construction of a new restaurant.

We Ensure Quality

BelVan Construction is committed to meeting and exceeding client expectations. Our work, our identity, and our method are all centred around quality. The distinction between the design and finish will be apparent. Our goal is to provide you with the finest construction services. Our team of experts are:


BelVan Construction has been active in the community for years. We have worked with different companies and other commercial spaces. We offer experienced and expert restaurant renovation services.


BelVan Construction has a degree of enthusiasm that few can match. Our passion and determination are inspired by our desire to achieve the best outcomes for our clients and build spaces that attract viewers.


BelVan Construction excels at creating. We go above and beyond for our clients and bring a level of inventiveness to our projects that sets us apart as unique and unlike any other.


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