BelVan Construction has implemented a thorough “COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol” which ensures the health and safety of our clients, staff, subtrades and the general public.

COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol

As a professional construction management company, we coordinate with all stakeholders about every detail required by different construction projects of various sizes. We continually collaborate with the building design consultants, subcontractors, and professionals to maximize our capability to provide correct estimating, well-informed scheduling, useful authorizing, cost-efficient material purchasing, and inspired value-engineering.

A dedicated Project Manager oversees each project, and all the job sites are maintained safely and securely by a qualified Site Supervisor. Our streamlined team processes and communications allow us to save time and costs for our clients from the office to the job site. Bevlan Construction's approach is detailed and transparent, making appropriate itemized budgets, reliable schedules, and value enhancement opportunities. We utilize our vast knowledge and experience in selecting, negotiating, and holding the project team accountable for its progress, including commercial project designers, vendors, engineers, and subcontractors.

When undertaking the role of Construction Manager, BelVan Construction typically works with the client's design team during the building design phase through to construction completion. This enhanced collaboration during the early stages of the project allows for a greater overall understanding of a client's needs. In this way, BelVan Construction applies its cost control, scheduling, and general market trends to plan and deliver timely and cost-efficient construction project management in Edmonton and surrounding areas.


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