BelVan Construction has implemented a thorough “COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol” which ensures the health and safety of our clients, staff, subtrades and the general public.

COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol

Safety Leadership Charter

At Home: To ensure that all members of our team remain in a proper physical and mental shape that allows them to live a fulfilling lifestyle and enables them to come to work each morning and be able to contribute in a meaningful manner.

At Work: To provide a workplace culture that encourages safe work practices so that all workers will make the right decision when faced with a choice of how to do the work they are assigned.

In The Community: To be acknowledged in the community as genuinely wanting to be responsible stewards of H&S for the safety of our employees, subtrades and the general public that are exposed to our work environments.

In order to meet and exceed the requirements of OH&S Legislation BelVan Construction has implemented the SiteDocs Safety Management Software. Using their mobile devices they can this software allows our team members to have access to our safety program documentation from anywhere our projects take them.

SiteDocs enables us to:

  • More effectively monitor in real time whether documentation is being filled out and to respond quickly to hazards, incidents, or disciplinary actions happening on site. This type of monitoring brings a new type of accountability to your supervisors or sub-trades and allows us to maintain a higher standard of safety company-wide.
  • Enhance our safety culture by showing our workers and clients that safety is a top priority. With the whole safety program at their fingertips safety is no longer a disorganized mystery.
  • Ensure better due diligence. Each electronic signature has the employee’s name clearly printed next to it and is automatically time stamped, proving the signature wasn’t backdated.
  • Have 24/7 access to all our safety documentation (safety manual, FLHA, tool-box talks, safe work practices & procedures, MSDS etc.)
  • Share our completed forms with clients and trade partners


The Alberta Construction Safety Association (ACSA) and the provincial government are committed to helping employers and workers reduce losses caused by workplace injuries through the "Certificate of Recognition" (COR) program for the Alberta construction industry. BelVan Construction is fully certified through this program.


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