BelVan Construction is a professional commercial general contractor based in Edmonton. We offer expert General Contracting services where we provide a fee to manage and execute your project’s construction.

What is General Contracting?

When acting as General Contractor, BelVan provides a bid price to provide services to complete a construction project to a client's specifications.

The work involves hiring, supervising, and managing subcontractors as well as our forces. During construction, BelVan applies its cost control, change management, and scheduling services to plan and deliver a timely and cost-efficient construction project.


What are the Benefits of General Contracting?

  • The professional commercial contractor looks after the Owner’s best interest
  • The owner receives a fixed price based on a well-defined scope of work
  • Changes in the scope of work are dealt with using BelVan’s documented Change Management process

How does the General Contracting Process Work?

1. Preparation of Design & Specifications

The Owner’s design team completes this phase of the work.

2. Subtrade & Supplier Pricing is Gathered

BelVan Construction receives the Owner supplied design and specifications and requests pricing from its subtrades and suppliers.

3. Tender Submission & Contract Signing

Using the subtrades and supplier pricing received in step 2, BelVan prepares a project tender proposal, including a detailed scope of work and pricing.

Depending on the Owner’s requirements, the pricing proposal and contract can be either in the form of a fixed (stipulated) price or a Cost Plus budget price.


4. Project Team is Compiled

Knowing the project’s scope and complexity level, BelVan compiles a qualified project team consisting of a Project Manager, Construction Manager, and Site Lead.

5. Scheduling & Pre-Construction

Before mobilizing the jobsite, BelVan’s project team develops a detailed project schedule, inspects the jobsite for potential hazards, and develops a Project Hazard Analysis. We schedule the mobilization date with this information, procure the required tools, materials, and equipment, and prepare them for delivery to the jobsite.


The day has come, and construction is ready to begin. BelVan’s Project Managers and Construction Teams gain control of the work area and look after the coordination, supervision, and safety of everyone on the Jobsite.

Being a Construction Management Company, we monitor the work progress and report it to the Owner regularly. We also document, quantify, and price out any changes to the work scope before implementing any changes to the construction activities.


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