BelVan Construction offers an innovative design-build service that takes your project from concept to full completion, all by one team with one common goal. Working together with you as a trusted partner, our team will create the best design within your defined budget, expedite the permit process, and seamlessly execute the construction to transform your vision into reality.

What is Design-Build?

As a qualified Design-build contractor, BelVan Construction compiles a team of architects, designers, engineers, suppliers, and subcontractors operating under a single contract with the client to provide building design and construction services. We maintain one entity, one contract, one unified flow of work from initial concept to completion.


What Are The Benefits Of Design-Build?

  • Expedited schedule and cost savings
  • A collaborative relationship between the Owner, Designer, Engineers, and Builder
  • The ability to plan for and keep the project within a defined budget
  • Early knowledge of the project costs before design work is completed so that if necessary, design changes can be made to stay within budget
  • The builder can provide input during design to keep the project within a defined budget
  • The major project costs are still competitively bid (subtrades and suppliers), so the Owner still receives the cost benefits of a typical tendered project
  • Construction can start as soon as the design is complete rather than losing time due to the tendering process

How Does The Design-Build Process Work?

1. Conceptual Planning

At first, we discuss your vision for your project and what you want to accomplish with it. We usually discuss how much you want to spend during this phase and when you want the job completed. This allows us to create a solution that fits your budget and time frame with no hidden surprises.

2. Preliminary Design & Estimating Phase

This is where we gather up all the information for space we are planning the work. The design team begins creating conceptual floor plans used by the team to develop a construction cost estimate. During the estimating process, budgets are established and agreed to for the various components of the work.

3. Detail Design & Engineering

At this stage, the Owner’s design team develops the detailed construction drawings required for the permit application and construction.

Then, BelVan’s estimators send the drawings to several subtrades and suppliers to gather competitive pricing for their goods and services. This allows for further refinement and increased accuracy of the construction cost estimate.

4. Permitting & Pre-Construction Planning

With the construction drawings at 80% complete, we get a jump start on permit submissions and other pre-construction logistics. This helps speed up the process by overlapping workflows to ensure no time is wasted and your vision can come to life sooner.

standard-design-build-method belvans-design-build-method

5. Construction

The day has come, and construction is ready to begin. Since Belvan Project Managers and Construction Teams have been involved since day one, they understand exactly what you are trying to achieve and the best way to transform your vision into a reality.

During this phase of the project, there will be a lot happening all at once. BelVan will remain in complete control of the work area and look after everyone’s coordination, supervision, and safety on the job site.


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