As a commercial construction company based in Edmonton with deep-rooted compassion for the community, BelVan Construction seeks ways to bring about a positive impact in its area of business. As a responsible corporate citizen, BelVan recognizes the need for the construction industry to adopt environmentally-friendly practices that reduce non-biodegradable waste generation.

In furtherance of our commitment to sustainability, BelVan Construction has started utilizing recycled products provided by [Re] Waste, an Edmonton based innovative company that has developed a unique solution to address the problem of plastic waste. [Re] Waste is committed to transforming plastic waste into usable products, such as plastic panels for construction projects, instead of allowing it to end up in landfills.

BelVan Construction’s use of these products from [Re] Waste has enabled the company to incorporate recycled plastic panels into its construction projects, including the new Goodwill Century Park Donation Centre. This collaboration highlights the company’s commitment to reducing its environmental footprint while providing high-quality commercial construction services.

In this blog post, we will discuss how BelVan Construction is making a significant contribution to reducing plastic waste and promoting sustainability in the construction industry.

The Problem Of Plastic Waste

Plastic waste has become a critical issue in the world, with an estimated 8.3 billion metric tons of plastic produced globally since its invention. Unfortunately, the vast majority of plastic waste ends up in landfills, where it takes hundreds of years to decompose. This leads to severe environmental, economic, and social impacts.

One of the most significant environmental impacts of plastic waste is the pollution of our oceans and waterways. Plastic waste can be deadly for marine life, as they often mistake plastic for food.

Furthermore, the economic impacts of plastic waste are also significant. The cost of collecting and disposing of plastic waste is staggering. Moreover, plastic waste can negatively impact industries that rely on clean environments, such as tourism and fishing.

The social impacts of plastic waste are also far-reaching. The issue affects communities worldwide, particularly those that are marginalized and lack proper waste management infrastructure.

[Re] Waste’s Innovative Solution

To achieve our sustainability goals, we have begun using recycled products from [Re] Waste. This innovative company is taking steps to address the problem of plastic waste by turning it into usable products. [Re] Waste has developed a unique process for collecting and transforming plastic waste into durable and sustainable plastic panels that can be used for construction projects.

Using [Re] Waste’s products has several environmental benefits. By reducing the amount of plastic waste that ends up in landfills, [Re] Waste is helping to lower greenhouse gas emissions and conserve resources.

In addition to the environmental benefits, using [Re] Waste’s products also has social and economic benefits. By creating a local supply chain for recycled plastic products, Re-Waste is helping to support local economies and create jobs. Furthermore, using recycled plastic products can help to reduce the economic costs associated with waste disposal and management.

BelVan Construction’s Sustainable Practices

BelVan Construction is committed to being at the forefront of sustainable construction practices in Edmonton and beyond. As a local business with a long-standing connection to the region, we understand our responsibility towards preserving the environment and caring for the community.

Recently, BelVan started using [Re] Waste’s recycled plastic panels in the construction of Goodwill donation centers. The use of these panels not only helps to reduce plastic waste but also lowers greenhouse gas emissions by replacing traditional building materials with recycled plastic products.

By working with innovative companies such as [Re] Waste, BelVan Construction is able to fulfill its sustainability commitments while also maintaining high construction standards and providing top-tier commercial construction services.

However, our efforts do not end here. BelVan Construction’s commitment to sustainable practices is an ongoing effort that will continue well into the future. We plan to conduct research and collaborate with industry experts to identify and implement more sustainable construction practices that can be adopted across all our projects.

Our commitment to the environment goes beyond simply fulfilling our corporate social responsibility; it’s a fundamental part of who we are as a company, as we are dedicated to finding ways to continually improve our practices.

About BelVan Construction

We are a local commercial construction company that places significant emphasis on incorporating community enhancement as an integral part of our operations in Edmonton. We strongly believe that the quality of our services and our commitment to sustainability should go hand in hand, as both are essential for the betterment of the community. Learn more about BelVan Construction.

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