Benefits Of COR Safety Certification For General Contractors In Canada

Not all general contractors are created equal, nor do they make sure their employees and others present on a job site are safe at all times. Reliable and trustworthy construction companies gain a competitive advantage by adopting industry-wide best practices and voluntary safety programs.

One such workplace health and safety-related program is the certificate of recognition COR – a safety certification awarded to Canadian contractors that develop, implement, and evaluate necessary health and safety systems, meeting established standards.

COR is a Partner Program that encourages organizations to form an occupational health and safety management system beyond the current legal requirements. It recognizes employers, which are proactive regarding workplace safety enhancement, and dedicate their efforts toward continuous improvement.

We will now discuss some significant advantages of obtaining COR Certification:

Keeping Employees Safe and Healthy

In any line of work, mainly in the construction industry, workers want to perform well and return to their families safe and healthy after a long and challenging work day. The safety procedures that must be in place to maintain COR make for a much safer workplace and increase everyone’s likelihood of getting home safe.

Industrial Recognition

Many businesses expect contractors to hold a valid COR certificate during the bidding process for individual construction and renovation projects in Canada. COR has now become an expectation rather than a choice in the commercial construction industry. Getting a COR safety certification means that employers develop, implement, and evaluate their health and safety management systems annually through comprehensive internal and external audits.

Attracting High-Quality Workers

With a valid COR, a construction company can demonstrate its increased focus on the corporate culture of safety. This helps them achieve a record of fewer physical injuries on job sites, indicating to current and future employees that their well-being is vital to the company.

Employers that focus on creating and maintaining a desirable work environment are generally considered employers-of-choice worldwide. New hires continuously look forward to work at organizations that are fully committed to providing them with a secure workplace. Having a COR safety certification demonstrates that the management cares for its staff.

Reduced Workers Compensation Premiums

Alberta WCB provides construction firms that maintain a COR Certification with discounted premiums. This helps general contractors pass along these savings to their clients via reduced project costs.

If you are a contractor operating in Alberta, maintaining a secure workplace with minor physical injuries and brief claim durations will improve your Alberta WCB Experience Rating. This will eventually result in a discount on your premiums, ultimately resulting in significant savings.

BelVan Construction is a leading general contracting firm that provides its commercial clients with a range of high-quality construction and renovation services across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. We are committed to maintaining our COR Safety Certification with the Alberta Construction Safety Association. Visit our website to learn about our expert contracting services or contact us for customized service.


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