As a business owner or facility manager, you are undoubtedly well aware of the importance of selecting a highly reputed commercial construction company for your project. In an attempt to ensure optimum return on your investment, you might be tempted to work with large commercial contractors with a national or international reputation.

Rightly so, large corporations do have some ability to leverage their size while executing projects. However, choosing a local construction company for your next project may have a wider range of benefits extending far beyond that of a large national contractor.

Although there aren’t any statistics showing that hiring a local construction company reaps higher success rates, construction leaders have examined a number of factors to conclude that the former is mostly the case.

In this blog, we will carefully examine the various benefits of choosing a local commercial contractor for your next project and why this choice should be given serious consideration.

Deeper Understanding Of The Local Market And Resources

While it may sound appealing to hire a general contractor that boasts national repute, their limited understanding of the local market sometimes poses a significant challenge. These companies often rely on outsourcing many of the tasks to local contractors who they are not familiar with or have a history working with, becoming just a middle man and adding an unnecessary layer of communication.

On the contrary, a local commercial construction contractor often possesses a deep-rooted understanding of the local market and resources owing to their long-standing business operations in the local industry. They are well aware of local construction issues, have access to local trades who they work with on a regular basis, utilize local suppliers, and have working relationships with the local planning and development offices and building inspectors.

As a result, local general contractors make more informed decisions regarding finding the correct type of labour, material, and other resources, ultimately providing more personalized contracting services.

Perks Of Local Ties And Networks

Speaking of labour and material, the importance of having a well-established supply-chain network cannot be overlooked either. While national and international contractors have a huge number of subcontractors eager to work with them, local general contractors have more intimate connections that translate into winning more cost-effective and reliable bids.

Adequate Risk Management And Mitigation

Besides understanding the regional construction industry, local construction companies also have a better understanding of the relevant risks as well. As a locally operating business, the company will have a strong understanding of the unique geographical, financial, political, legal, and economic risks that might affect a construction project.

As a result, a local contractor will be able to provide a more proactive approach to risk management as they will know exactly what they need to prepare for. They are able to provide a better feasibility study, risk analysis, and constructability review.

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If an issue were to arise, a local contractor will most probably already have a corrective strategy in mind and will be able to respond quickly and efficiently. Their somewhat personal understanding of the local area allows for smoother workflow and an overall positive experience.

Unhindered Communication And Accessibility

A commercial construction project requires a lot of collaboration between the owner and the contractor. From conception to completion, the tasks will require a lot of input from all parties on various occasions to ensure the project moves along smoothly. Arguably, face-to-face collaborations with a local construction company are far more convenient than the unending back-and-forth sending of formal emails.

On the same note, one of the biggest problems project owners face is finding a reliable point of contact for emergencies. In this regard, local contractors are easier to reach as they reside in the same geographical area and are almost always accessible. Consequently, you will receive a faster response to your questions, and the contractor can easily keep you in the loop throughout the construction process.

A Local Construction Company Offers Greater Accountability

As a business owner, you will agree that you have a far higher vested interest in your local community and would never want anything to taint your local image. The same is the case with a local construction company. Owing to their vested interest and goodwill in their community, local contractors will go above and beyond to ensure their client’s expectations are not only met but also exceeded.

Thus, even when an issue or dispute does arise, the contractor will quickly seek out a solution to retain their client and ultimately, the community’s trust.

Better Code Compliance

Undeniably, a national general contractor will have a team of legal experts flaunting immense knowledge of federal and provincial codes. However, their understanding of the ins and out of municipality regulations and building codes is not comparable to the in-depth understanding a local contractor possesses.

In the end, a local contractor is more likely to ensure that your project reaches completion without any delays due to legal or compliance issues.

The Local Economy Thrives

In today’s age and era, a community expects a local business to give back to or support the local community in some way. As a business, you can do this by hiring a local general contractor who will ultimately hire local labour and thereby create jobs for the community.

While you will enjoy the contentment of knowing that you have served a good cause by indirectly creating jobs for your local community, your community will also cherish you as a compassionate and reliable local business. In the end, both the local economy and your business will thrive.

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