Importance Of Construction Planning And Scheduling In Commercial Construction

A commercial construction project’s success greatly depends on how well thought out and well planned it is. Large construction projects usually fail due to ineffective planning and scheduling. Many engineers and construction managers do not realize the importance of planning and scheduling activities. These help contractors to complete the project on time and within budget. The term ‘Construction’ does not only denote physical activities involving labour, materials and machinery but also covers the entire process from conception to the realization of a construction project.

Experts believe that the key to completing any commercial construction project on time and within budget is developing a detailed and comprehensive but realistic schedule for the project. Project schedules are vital for all commercial construction projects. Their objective is to organize the many varied components of a project into a clear and logical timeline.

Schedules form an integral part of any construction project. However, they matter even more when it comes to commercial construction projects. There are just so many different components to be scheduled and management has to ensure that all the components are synchronized. In this blog, we have listed why project planning and scheduling are important and what the important components of the process are.

Importance of Construction Project Planning and Scheduling

Designing and preparing a construction project schedule ensures efficiency and productivity throughout the process. It is important that the schedule is specific, put together, and realistic.

There is an old saying that says ‘Time is money.’ This is literally true when it comes to construction. With time, the price of materials required and labour increases, which adds to the overall cost of the project. In addition to this, the more time you spend on one project, the more you will miss out on other projects.

If you create a well-planned schedule for your project, you will neither exceed your budget nor will have to postpone other projects that are in the queue. Moreover, a detailed timeline will give you an idea about when you and your resources will be free for the next project so you can plan accordingly.

Planning And Scheduling

Proper planning is key to creating a realistic project timeline. It has to be made with all the important members of the team on board since it requires much thought from all parties.

Project Managers have to deal with all aspects of the project ranging from design, demolition, foundations, framing, utilities, millwork and finishes. Hence, depending on the type of project, planning is crucial because it defines the process and the completion of the project in specifics.

This plan acts like a map that helps the team complete the steps of a project. Moreover, while creating the schedule make sure you consider the client’s requirements and wishes, so the plan stays aligned with the project.

Types Of Commercial Project Planning

There are different types of commercial project planning. Depending on the type of project you are constructing, you can choose either:

Strategic planning

Corporate planners tend to try and plan their projects strategically. This is done when you want to satisfy both the end-user and the owner. Hence, the planner develops a master construction delivery plan that specifies guidelines agreed upon in the strategic and contracting plans.

Operational Planning

Operational planning is usually done by a team of engineers for relatively large construction projects. It involves construction teams coming together with detailed plans to meet their strategic goals.


Construction planning and scheduling are key aspects in integrating all your construction activities and phases needed to complete a given construction project at a given budget and within a specific time frame. This planning incorporates individual functions, planning and scheduling.

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