Effective Ways To Prepare For Your Design-Build Construction Project

Design-build models and commercial construction projects go hand in hand. Here, experienced and efficient general contractors usually provide architectural, engineering, and construction services as a single-source team of knowledgeable industry professionals. This approach helps you achieve quality and efficiency – project managers achieve the best product timely and cost-efficiently using design-build methods.

Before we jump into the preparation phase, let’s discuss what you can expect from your design-build construction project.

Design-Build Project Expectations

When it comes to design-build projects, efficiency is as important as execution. This means assembling the best team right from the start. Your general contractor will be with you from the very beginning of the project and guide you through it to on-time and on-budget completion.

Being the main point of contact, your commercial construction contractors will ensure a seamless and efficient build due to regular collaboration with the entire project team, including subcontractors.

Here are some important ways in which you can best prepare for your Design-Build job.

Determine Your Projects Scope And Specifications

As the project owner or representative, you should know the requirements for a successful project outcome. You can start by writing a wish-list of your anticipated results, followed by adding precise details to each item on your list.

Suppose you want to build an impressive glass retail storefront with increased visibility to the interior space. You can break it down further by considering whether you want a framed or frameless system. You can add your preferred glazing type, automatic door style, security features, and others in this process.

Your design-build team will assist you with expert advice and budget-related concerns for all of the items present in your scope.

Keep Up-To-Date On The Latest Design Trends

Both project owners and general contractors must learn about successful design trends in their target market. You can start your research by visiting the venues of your successful competitors. Analyze and note down critical interior design spaces and understand what works best with their customers.

Be Cautious About Your Budget Concerns

When it comes to commercial construction, you must know what your maximum budget is. Consider your financial parameters and funding availability and establish monetary boundaries to avoid over-designing or under-designing a project.

Talk to your financial advisors and partners before considering a design-build project, or you will end up over-spending on design revisions and change orders in the later phases of your project.

Study Your Local Government’s LEED And Energy Rebates

How we design and construct our commercial buildings and manage our work can significantly impact our environment. You can vastly improve your potential to earn financial incentives, like LEED credits and other energy rebates, by incorporating greater renewable energy use in your commercial building design.

That’s why it’s vital to check whether your local government offers discounts on installing energy-efficient equipment in your commercial building, like LED lighting, dynamic glazing, or efficient HVAC systems with air exchangers. This way, your design-build team can help you choose the most appropriate products and systems for your project.

Ask Your Design-Build Team Relevant Questions

When discussing your commercial construction project with your design-build service providers, inquire about every aspect of your project with full confidence. No matter how trivial you might think of your query at first, it will pay off in the long run when you don’t leave any stone unturned during the research phase.

Ask your general contractor about their team members, qualifications, processes, who to contact, project duration, insured services, references, subcontractors, permits, inspections, testing, occupancy certificates, and more.

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