How Past Building Failures Have Led To Enhanced Construction Codes

Building failures anywhere are a nightmare for both the construction industry and the citizens of the area since it can lead to huge amounts of casualties, life loss and monetary liabilities.

There have been many building failures around the world, including multifamily structures. The analysis and study of how and why the building failed have led to enhanced codes and safety improvements for the construction of all types of buildings.

In June this year Champlain Towers South building in Surfside, Florida fell. The collapse of this 12-story building resulted in a large number of casualties. The analysis of similar other multifamily structure failures has given way to new building codes, techniques and best practices.

Some of the main changes that were introduced to the codes and protocols of construction companies are:

Inspection Of Structural Elements

In most cases, the building failures are a cause of the improper distribution of load. This type of failure is disastrous since no visible signs are shown prior to failure. The reinforced concrete slabs are subjected to high localized forces. This results in the sudden breakage of the concrete slabs.

Construction companies are required to regularly and thoroughly inspect structural elements during the construction of buildings taller than three stories or 50 feet or those with an occupancy of greater than 500 people.

Good Communication Between Design Staff And Engineers

Communication among design and engineering staff is crucial to the success of a building. Improper communication can lead to poor or no calculations and general negligence when it comes to designing the structure of a commercial site. This can lead to major disasters in the future.

Commercial contractors are urged to ensure that their workers and engineers know the emergency management protocols, including issues about communication during a project, design quality control, shop drawing review, inspections and structural observation.

Codes And Safety Precautions At BelVan Construction

At BelVan Construction we don’t value anything more than the safety of those who will be residing in and using the structures we built. As commercial contractors, we believe it is our duty to stay in touch with the latest construction codes and regulations put forth by the authorities.

At BelVan Construction we strive to keep the customer in the loop. Our team of experts is trained to define the scope of every project in the most elaborate way possible. To get in touch with Edmonton’s leading commercial general contractors to build you an effective and productive commercial space, click here.


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