How Much Is My Commercial Construction Or Renovation Project Going To Cost?

Planning a commercial renovation or new construction project can leave you with many questions. By far, the most frequently asked questions we receive early on are related to project costs.

  • How much is my construction project going to cost?
  • What is your construction cost per sqft?
  • What are your prices to build out a typical space?

As much as we would like to have a quick and easy answer for you, many variables go into determining a specific project’s costs.

To provide you with a realistic budget price for your particular project, first, we need to learn more about a few vital things, including your business, your existing space, your desired floor layout, style, and finish level.

The following is a list of questions that can help us better understand your projects requirements:

  1. What is the primary use of the new space? (Retail, office, salon, restaurant, or any other commercial use)
  2. How large is the existing area? (including current ceiling heights)
  3. Will there be any demolition required in the existing space before your project work begins?
  4. Are the existing services in the space (HVAC, power, water, gas, and other services) sufficient for your intended use?
  5. How many rooms, and of what size and purpose do you require?
  6. What are some of the finishes you would like to consider? Keep in mind that the finishes you choose will affect the overall cost of your project. Such items include:
    • Ceilings (open painted, suspended T-bar, drywall)
    • Walls (conventional drywall, glass, modular)
    • Doors (wood, metal, glass, barn doors, or doors with sidelights)
    • Flooring (tile, carpet tile, vinyl plank, hardwood, or other)
    • Millwork and countertops (laminate or solid surface)
    • Plumbing fixtures (basic, upgraded, or a blend of both)
    • Electrical fixtures (pots, tracks, T-bar flat panel, suspended pendants)
    • Any other needs (video surveillance, security alarm, audio/video)

Provided with these details, an experienced General Contractor can understand the project’s use, layout, and finishing details and use it to provide you with an initial rough budget figure.

It is essential to realize that to develop a detailed work scope with accurate pricing takes a significant amount of time, experience, and resources on the part of the general contractor. Most often, it will also require some preliminary design to quantify certain aspects of the scope. Because of the increased time and resources needed to do all this, most reputable commercial contractors will charge these services.

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