Major Roles And Responsibilities Of General Contractors

A typical commercial construction project consists of three main parties; the client or owner, the contractor, and the management team. A commercial contractor needs to plan and coordinate the overall constructions activities and complete the respective project within the set time frame and budget. General contractors are accountable for the entire construction process. They must determine the most desirable methods to finish the project as defined.

General Roles And Responsibilities Of General Contractors

Overall, a general contractor is responsible for planning, executing, overseeing, and inspecting a construction project. Their responsibility extends from the start of the project to the project’s finish, irrespective of its scope.

General contractors must accomplish their duties by planning actions, managing employees, and ensuring the project gets completed by following all local codes and laws. A general contractor may also hire subcontractors for specialized sectors, including HVAC systems and electrical installations.

Specific Roles And Responsibilities Of General Contractors

As mentioned above, a general contractor has different responsibilities, depending on the contract type. However, they can assume some particular roles during various project stages, which we will discuss here.

Project Planning

Every construction project comes with a master schedule, describing all tasks, along with their time allocation and planned budget.

The primary duty of a general contractor is to design a project plan with an aim to deliver it on time.

Some responsibilities in project planning include:

  • Planning all significant project development and implementation details
  • Understanding the material and equipment specifications and procuring them
  • Predicting potential changes and formulating risk mitigation strategies
  • Fulfilling legal and regulatory concerns
  • Establishing effective communication among all project participants

The contractor’s responsibility is to establish a construction project budget and follow it through. The project’s budget is a valuable tool that helps contractors track their projects costs. They can distinguish waste and compare their actual expenses with the proposed budget.

Project Management

Contractors need to complete their project on time, which involves specific construction management tasks such as:

  • Ensuring the funds availability to keep the project moving forward
  • Procuring materials and making them available on-site when needed
  • Ensuring all the required construction tools and equipment are available for the project
  • Prequalifying and selecting subcontractors to complete specialized tasks
  • Creating progress reports to justify intermediate payments

General contractors are responsible for their staff, ensuring their team has the right skills and technical abilities. They also manage payroll for their workers and subcontractor payments.

Project Tracking

Project tracking is required to complete the work as per contract terms and schedules.

This involves different complementary actions:

  • Ensuring quality control
  • Adopting cost-effective construction techniques
  • Ensuring a steady material supply and scheduling purchases in advance
  • Ensuring construction site health and safety

A contractor is responsible for tracking progress and handling any significant changes during a routine construction process. They must always have the projects scope, budget, and time in mind when making decisions.

Legal And Regulatory Concerns

General contractors do have a handful of duties when it comes to legal and regulatory issues. They must obtain all the mandatory work permits and licenses before commencing the project. Moreover, the entire construction process must meet local law and building codes.

Health And Safety Concerns

It’s one of the contractor’s primary jobs to guarantee health and safety by implementing the right measures and training workers. They are also responsible for correct equipment operation to prevent any accidents from misapplication.

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