What Can Be Done To Make Office Spaces More Social Distancing Friendly

Over the years, workplaces have evolved from one form to another; from traditional desks to cubicles to open spaces, including standing desks for increased productivity and collaboration. What’s next? The ongoing COVID-19 situation means that employers will have to transform their workspaces to incorporate improved sanitization practices and social distancing.

As businesses are preparing to reopen, many wonder what the socially-distanced workplace will even look like, how much it will cost, how fast it can take shape, and whether employees would want to work under one roof. Due to the emerging demand for social distance-friendly offices, commercial construction companies are also changing their approach toward office design by keeping everyone 6 feet apart.

Nobody’s certain about how long it will take to get rid of the CoronaVirus pandemic completely. However, every industry is convinced that the amount of effort required to get things to normal is enormous, and is going to change the outlook of modern workplaces entirely.

Things To Expect

Some important things to expect from a post-COVID-19 socially-distanced office space include:

  • Less number of desks with empty spaces between them
  • Increased usage of plexiglass walls between workstations
  • Keeping hand sanitizers insight and available to each employee
  • Enhanced use of portable sinks with ready-to-dispense hand wash and water to minimize the use of bathrooms
  • Door handles may become obsolete – doors and elevators will open automatically as you approach them
  • Security stations to monitor each staff member’s temperature to stop the spread of germs and infections
  • Possible alerts about colleagues and team members who call in sick

In light of these possible workplace practices, there’s a need to make some concrete modifications in an office environment.

6 Feet Office Rule

Cushman & Wakefield, the international commercial real estate service provider, has put forward a new workplace design concept for businesses looking forward to reopening. This concept utilizes the six-foot office rule of social distancing, which necessitates keeping the areas around individual workstations empty.

The current pandemic has sparked many global conversations among businesses and industry experts. One of the most vital things being discussed right now is the social distancing at work – organizations now understand the great significance of keeping their workforce six feet away from one another.

Companies around the world are operating remotely as much as possible right now. But they’re also trying to visualize life after the pandemic. During these uncertain times, we have to develop solutions that will help us bring things to normal. Thinking about what a ‘six feet away’ society will look like and how everyone can adjust to this new norm is the right place to kickstart things.

Flexible Work Schedules

One of the significant changes in the post-pandemic workspace is going to be flexible work schedules. More and more employers and commercial buildings will need to focus on having staggered entries so that employees in large numbers don’t get to the office at the same time to reduce the spread of illness in the workplace.

Modernistic Office Designs

For offices that continuously deal with crowds coming in and out of the premises, social distancing will mean that many employees will need to stand in queues stretching past the entrance. This calls for making modernistic commercial office designs having large waiting areas where employees can queue in at different levels, wait on the sidewalks, or under newly constructed shelters to encourage social distancing.

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