3 Most Common Types Of Commercial Construction Projects

There are numerous types of commercial construction projects given to contractors to develop, build and manage. These types of projects concern constructing buildings intended for business or commercial purposes, and unlike residential construction projects where one has to deal with homeowners and their architects only, commercial projects include dealing with corporate representatives and a team of engineers, architects, designers, subcontractors, and more.

The most common types of commercial construction projects given to general contractors include retail shopping spaces, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, industrial facilities, and more. Read on and learn more about some of these projects, including what makes them different from each other.


With the technology available today, we can easily have our food delivered to our doorstep and enjoy it in the comfort of our homes. However, if we are still making an effort to go out to a restaurant to eat, then we are looking for more than just good food. We are looking for a brand experience and a memorable night to get away from our hectic daily routines and enjoy a different atmosphere for one day.

This is why restaurant owners need to make it more about the overall experience than ever before. Experience doesn’t have to mean overwhelming your guests with performing acts and having live music. It can be as simple as providing your customers with the right mood of lighting, music, interior, decor, and simply good restaurant branding to make the night memorable for them.

The right restaurant branding is only possible if you hire a good team of designers, architects, and contractors. Adhering to local building codes and regulations is also critical to this type of construction project. It is also important for commercial contractors to address other compliance rules, including restaurant safety, electrical planning, and more.

Furthermore, in the case of restaurant chains, successful construction involves adhering to the corporation’s established guidelines. Meanwhile, for an individual business, the construction team must develop an innovative approach to build a restaurant that offers its customers comfort and enjoyment at the same time.

Retail Stores

Retail stores can be smaller stores within a shopping mall or individual stores that are large enough to include other stand-alone stores. When it comes to constructing these stores, contractors must keep in mind their requirements. For example, such stores require storage and receiving space along with the space required for customers to shop and move around freely.

So the contractor’s challenge is to renovate or create an attractive building with a layout that promotes a good flow for customers and their shopping carts, staff, and materials. Moreover, since the purpose of these stores is to make customers visit them frequently, the inside and outside look of the building must be welcoming.

Furthermore, when it comes to constructing retail stores with multiple branches, contractors must make sure that there is consistency in all the stores’ design and branding. So, when a corporate flagship store gets redesigned, it must be rolled out or introduced to the other stores as well. Here the contractors have the challenge of remaining true to the constructions’ design and the aesthetics of the flagship or lead store.

Office Buildings

The scope of this type of commercial construction project can range from small office buildings to multi-story facilities and office complexes. It can even include skyscrapers that house various businesses within its framework. Larger office spaces can include everything from hair salons to spas to standard offices and more.

Different businesses operating in the same building also mean that now the contractors have to come up with unique ideas and fashion to ensure a minimal similarity in construction between companies. At the same time, they need to address building codes and regulations, including issues to do with the buildings’ safety, parking spaces, elevators, plumbing system, electrical and IT concerns, and more.

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