8 Must-Haves To Ensure Your Building Is Resilient

The fundamental purpose of buildings is to provide people with shelter from the harsh conditions of the natural environment. As the world faces a changing and volatile climate, many buildings that are being constructed and have already been constructed are unprepared for extreme natural hazards.

Over the years, the way buildings were designed have evolved. Initially, based on natural weather conditions, buildings had tall and operable windows to bring in more natural light and air. After World War II, buildings started to rely on the abundant supply of mechanized systems that regulate internal temperatures, humidity, and ventilation. Hence, to cater to these needs, the structure and the construction process for buildings was changed once again.

Now, as the weather conditions in Canada slowly change, there are a few factors that have to be considered to make the buildings more resilient and less prone to damage.


If you live in an area where you face heavy rainfall, then it is advised that you choose a site that is at a safe distance from the flood site. In addition to this, historical fire zones and seismic areas are more prone to storm surges, extreme drainage, flood paths, and fire. Hence, it is advised that you avoid these areas when constructing your industrial buildings.

Ability To Reflect Heat

Darkers colors, as chic and stylish as they look, can be detrimental to the building in the long run since they absorb more heat and raise the temperature of a building. Newly constructed buildings should be lighter in color especially on the roof and the pavement to reduce the buildings heat footprint.

Power Lines

Near to the ground or exposed electrical lines in extreme weather conditions are less reliable. Hence, you should install your electrical lines underground. If your budget allows, for buildings it is ideal to have the ability to produce power on site. This can be done via solar cells or on-site generators.

Conserving Water

Like in many countries, your water is delivered through distribution lines. These lines can fail in extreme weather conditions. If they break or endure any other damage, your water supply can become inhibited or contaminated. Hence, it is best to have a backup plan for water. Have equipment installed to collect rainwater.

Seal Everything Properly

If you are planning to construct a building in an area where rains and floods are common, you are advised to seal the buildings’ envelope properly to prevent any water cavities from forming. If water cavities are formed and are not drained in time, it can lead to issues like through distribution lines. This will greatly impair the building’s safety.


Without passive installation methods such as manual-operation windows and vents, buildings rely on mechanical cooling and heating products. Passive ventilation is extremely important in industrial buildings.

Structural Strength

This is one of the most crucial points when it comes to constructing an industrial structure. As obvious as it may sound, some contractors tend to ignore the importance of structural strength when designing their buildings. Structural strength is not only important for climate resilience but also helps to keep the workers and employees safe in the long run. Continuous load path is a construction method that ties together the various parts of a building using timber, metal connectors and fasteners.

Efficient Systems

Constructing an energy efficient building reduces the amount of utilities consumed and increases its resilience under extreme circumstances. While constructing an industrial building, try using systems that ration electricity and water.


More often than not the aforementioned points are ignored by contractors and owners in an attempt to rush the construction process. However, the repair and maintenance of an ill-constructed building will only lead to inconveniences and safety hazards in the future.

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