Tips For Requesting And Evaluating Construction Bids

Commercial construction projects require a lot of investment and dedication. From financing to getting approvals from the leadership and making decisions with the construction committee, the process is tedious and time-consuming.

Once this is done, it is time to hire a commercial contractor who will help you convert your construction plan into something tangible. However, since you want the best services at a reasonable cost and there are many commercial contractors available, it might take you some time to decide.

Project owners have to deal with several issues when it comes to hiring a contractor for their commercial projects. Some owners also have difficulty giving the participating firms the right information to submit a bid.

An accurate bid is extremely important to differentiate the good firms from the bad. However, the main question that arises is how do you evaluate a bid to select the best firm?

In this blog, we have listed some points that can help you evaluate a bid and guide you through the construction bid process.

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Start With A Great Design

To get accurate and on-point bids, it is imperative that you start with a specific and on-point design. It is crucial that you work out every detail of the project with your designer. In addition to this, it is also important that you detail the materials and methods that will be utilized throughout the project.

If you do not provide ample details in the bid, there is a high chance that the contractors will interpret and assume other details. Since every contractor will interpret the specifications in a different way, the accuracy of the bids will be affected and they will not reflect the same project.

This will not only make evaluating the bids difficult but will also affect the final cost of the project. On top of choosing a firm with the best experience and quote, you will also be considering the firm’s interpretation of your project.

Encourage Them To Ask Questions

Bidders that do not ask questions and clarify their queries should be seen as red flags. When it comes to bidding on a project, the way bidders submit their RFIs to request additional information or clarification is an indication of how interested they are in the project and how well they know the niche.

Compare The Bids Based On Their Interpretations

Irrespective of how specific you are in the bidding documents, contractors have some room for interpretation. Hence, it is important that you compare the bids based on the material and the quality of products they are planning to use.

Compare apples to apples, don’t compare apples to mangoes. This means if a contractor plans on using high-quality tiles in the corridor that will last three decades, a slightly higher cost is justified. This bid price cannot be compared to a bid by a contractor who plans on using sub-par material.

Lowest Price Doesn’t Mean Highest Value

A construction project is much more than the cost of the bid. The quality of the construction, the material used as well as the other services provided will add to the cost of the construction project.

Moreover, in addition to the proposed cost of the project, you also have to consider the reputation of the firm, the experience and whether you have worked with the firm in the past or not.

After evaluating the firm’s bid, if you are inclined towards hiring them, it is advised that you meet with them in person and see if you get a good feel for their understanding of your needs. Sometimes these meetings will reassure you that you’re hiring the right contractor, and sometimes they will change your opinion and lead you to consider another contractor.

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