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A professional industrial renovation service can turn your outdated industrial setting into a modern, upgraded facility technologically equipped to facilitate improved productivity and streamline industrial processes.

BelVan Construction specializes in providing "commercial type" services in the industrial building environment. Our staff can also provide top-notch industrial facility, plant, or factory renovations and remodelling services that meet and exceed your unique requirements. Our team can diligently handle industrial renovation projects with minimal or no downtime for your business.

Being COR Safety Certified, BelVan Construction has the necessary pre-qualifications to gain access to and work safely on industrial sites.


What Is Industrial Renovation?

An industrial renovation project encompasses the repair, remodelling, extension, repurposing, and demolition of industrial facilities, such as warehouses, factories, power plants, manufacturing plants, and many more.

When hired as your industrial renovation contractor, BelVan will analyze the remodelling requirements, oversee the job site, apply for the necessary permits for renovation, coordinate with subcontractors, carry out design remodelling tasks, prepare task schedules, and draft a detailed budget for you.

BelVan Construction works on your industrial renovation project in an organized manner without disturbing your industrial work activities. In most cases, you can continue business activities during the renovation process. Our dedication and passion make us a renowned industrial renovation contractor in Alberta, BC, and Saskatchewan.

What Are The Most Common Industrial Renovation Services?

We can handle anything from the simplest to the most intricate industrial renovation projects. Our team delivers economical yet upscale solutions with little to no downtime for your business. We provide exceptional service on a reasonable budget and within a comparatively fair and pragmatic timeline.

  • Manufacturing Facilities Renovation
  • Staff/worker facilities (lunch rooms, change rooms, meeting rooms, boardrooms, etc.)
  • Control rooms, labs, research area
  • Kitchens and food storage and prep areas
  • Office spaces

Benefits Of Choosing BelVan’s Industrial Renovation Services

  • Owner’s involvement and collaboration with the whole team from commencement to completion
  • Clear and concise cost estimation and budgeting techniques
  • Overlapped workflow to speed up the renovation process
  • A well-defined and documented change management system to accommodate work scope expansions

Our Industrial Renovation Process

1. Initial Consultation And Planning

Since inaccurate cost estimations can cause a renovation project to go off track, our analysts and experts collaborate with every stakeholder in the early stages of the project to make ends meet. As an owner, you will select your design team and relay your renovation requirements, objectives, and budget constraints during this stage so that all the work that follows is steered in the right direction.

2. Conceptual Planning & Design

Based on your unique renovation requirements, cost constraints, and time impediments, your selected design team, engineers, construction team and managers will create detailed designs and tactical plans. The team will seek out the most suitable renovation approach that reaps the required results.

3. Cost Estimation & Budgeting

The detailed designs and plans will provide our management team with a clear picture of the required labour, materials, equipment and other resources for the project. This will allow BelVan to devote the right type of resources to the appropriate task at a suitable time and in the most cost-effective way.

The precise plans and project details provided by the owner will also allow our cost estimators to draft accurate budgets that will rarely require any changes throughout the process.

4. Task Scheduling & Sequencing

As everyone attains a clear understanding of their specific roles and responsibilities, task assignment and scheduling become easier and more efficient, making the industrial renovation project even more streamlined. We schedule our tasks in such a way that autonomous workflows coincide to keep the downtime for the owner as minimal as possible.

5. Pre-Renovation Logistics

In this step, everything is made ready so that the real renovation work can continue smoothly without any hindrances. The designs are used to get relevant permits and seek out the best prices from the suppliers, and the labour, materials, and equipment are lined up according to the task sequence and schedules.

6. Renovation

Finally, the renovation work can commence. BelVan’s management and renovation teams take over the job site. Since our teams understand their exact roles and responsibilities, and objectives of the industrial renovation, all renovation tasks will be well-aligned and adequately monitored for quality, safety, timeliness, and coordination.


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