Why Does Building A Construction Schedule Matter?

We’ve all heard the phrase “time is money”. This is especially true in construction and each of the businesses that we as a contractor are serving. The sooner we get a project completed the sooner the client can start realizing the benefits of the end product. This is where the value of a qualified construction manager really comes in.

Effective construction management starts with extensive planning, which requires a thorough understanding of each of the steps required to get the work completed efficiently and safely.

One of the first aspects of successfully planning a construction project is the creation of a detailed construction schedule. An effective schedule is much more than just a list of tasks and dates; it is the overall framework that shows the relationship between each of the tasks and how each of them affects the other. Without knowing how each task impacts the overall schedule a construction team cannot fully appreciate the importance of finishing a task on time. Any item within a schedule that has a direct impact on the completion date is said to be on the projects’ “critical path”. Monitoring and controlling the timeliness of each of these critical path items ensures that the project will be completed on or ahead of schedule.

Efficient project scheduling is crucial to a project’s success. A well-designed project schedule helps ensure optimum allocation of resources and equipment.

Benefits Of An Effective Construction Schedule

  • Increased Project Stability: Planning out all the work scope prior to starting on site allows the planning team to visualize how the project will come together so that logistical issues can be identified and resolved early on. This decreases the risk of encountering costly delays on site once the work commences.
  • Improved Planning: Having a clear timeline makes it easier to execute the construction activities effectively. Knowing which tasks will be performed at specific times helps streamline the overall efforts so that valuable resources arrive on site on time just prior to when they are required.
  • Enhanced Safety: Construction sites can be busy and congested when there are multiple trades doing their work at the same time. It is vitally important to consider what work is being done in certain areas at the same time to ensure that work can be done not only efficiently, but safely.
  • Better Communication: A construction project schedule helps keep every team member involved and on the same page. It shows a clear picture on what everyone’s responsibilities and expectations are.
  • Fewer Delays: Having all the essential work detailed and sorted before the work starts helps ensure a steady progression of the work. It also helps project planners see opportunities to condense portions of the project so that completion dates can be met.
  • Deadline Fulfillment: Contractual requirements usually include specific instructions on when a project must be completed. A comprehensive work schedule allows the construction manager to foresee potential delays and to implement necessary corrections to get a project back on track.
  • Enhanced Reputation: Contractors who create and adhere to a detailed construction schedule tend to complete projects on time. This results in higher client satisfaction and better profitability for the contractor.

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