One of the most demanding (in terms of customer service) and rapidly changing industries is the catering and hospitality sector. With new trends emerging every so often restaurant owners often find themselves battling with time to quickly adapt to changing public demands. Gone are the days when having an organized and clean dining arrangement, comfortable temperature, good lighting, and excellent food were the standard requirements for eateries.

Today, if your eating space fails to change with the contemporary needs of your customers or appears dull and monotonous, your competitors will take full advantage of your inability to adapt fast enough and lure away your customers.

As a caterer or restaurant owner, you must understand that a successful food business in the modern era relies heavily on several other factors besides those mentioned above. To cut a long story short, your dining space must be visually enticing, fully functional, and adhere to modern norms simultaneously.

In this regard, a restaurant renovation is often viewed as the perfect opportunity to incorporate all the missing elements and elevate customer experience to retain the customer’s interest.

However, there are a lot of factors to consider during renovations, from choosing the right design to understanding public perceptions and ensuring compliance with building codes and permits. Evidently, the task can be overwhelming. But as restaurant renovation contractors, we believe that with the right approach, a renovation can help you create a modern, inviting, and memorable space.

To help you make the right decision, we shall explore the restaurant design trends that will acquire the most vogue in 2023. However, you must understand that a design should not simply be chosen as a result of its popularity. You must also assess its congruence with your brand’s overall message.

Luxurious Grandeur

In the preceding decade, love for minimalism and simplicity was at its peak. However, the recent rise in TikTok and Instagram reels that promote comfort and luxury over minimalism has attained great approval from the public.

From home decor to the catering and hospitality sector, the desire for an opulent and lavish atmosphere promising lasting comfort and warmth is what today’s customers desire. Arguably, this trend will continue to rise in 2023, and customers will be drawn toward a brand that promises extravagance in its offerings, customer service, visual representation, and functionality.

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So if your restaurant has a publicly perceived image as a luxurious or prestigious diner, then 2023 is an excellent opportunity for you to elevate it further and take full advantage of the rising craving for opulence.

If your budget allows, incorporate more richness into your eatery’s design, seating, arrangement, layout, menu, and serving methods. This is the perfect time to invest in revamping the diner’s design and incorporate luxurious materials, such as marble, granite etc., in the interior.

Likewise, you can also invest in elegant furniture. You can use plush velvet or soft leather for the seating and upholstery.

Although renovating your restaurant to create a luxurious atmosphere requires a sizable upfront cost, the eventual ROI is well worth it.

Green And Eco-Friendly

While fondness for luxury is on the rise, compassion toward the environment has not subsided either. The surge in pollution, adverse climatic changes, and global warming have ignited a love and passion for the planet. The latter is evident from the escalating number of people turning towards vegan and vegetarian lifestyles.

If you support the going green movement, then 2023 is the best time to renovate your restaurant and incorporate your philosophy into it. Today, the public respects and admires a business that includes environmentally friendly and sustainable materials and practices in its operations.

When undertaking a renovation, you could make your diner appear more eco-friendly by asking your restaurant renovation contractor to :

  • Use sustainable materials such as reclaimed wood, bamboo, cork, and low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint and finishes.
  • Install energy-efficient lighting (LED lights), solar panels, and other eco-friendly appliances.
  • Incorporate natural ventilation options such as cross ventilation, stack ventilation, earth tubes, green roofs, etc

A highly reputed restaurant renovation company will know exactly how to balance sustainability and aesthetics.

Hi-Tech Style Or Themed Space

Automation and AI are engulfing the world faster than we all anticipated. Each day, a new trend erupts over the internet to show how technology can be used to make life easier. In the past few years, every business, from retail shops to medical facilities, schools, hotels, and even diners, tried and tested many innovative ways to make their operations and service offering more streamlined, convenient, and visually enticing by investing heavily in innovation.

For the time being, the technology and automation graph will continue to climb, securing an even higher level of curiosity from the public. This will be especially true for the catering and hospitality industry. People are yearning for innovation, and undertaking a restaurant innovation project is the best way to attract this tech-savvy audience.

You can achieve these things asking your restaurant renovation contractor to:

  • Help you design your layout in a way that you can easily digitize diner operations and functionality, such as creating:
    • self-ordering kiosks
    • digitized menu boards
    • Interactive displays
    • automated serving conveyor belts, etc.
  • Plan a way to merge virtual and augmented realities for a more immersive customer experience.
  • Have lighting and sound effects installed to create an ambiance in line with the restaurant’s chosen theme.

Comparatively, this type of restaurant renovation venture requires a substantial initial outlay, but the fruitful results are worth the while.

Curbside Pick-Up Integration

While many people love to dine in at restaurants, the industry has witnessed an increase in the number of people that simply prefer to pick up their food and dine in the comfort of their own home or workspace. Regardless of the reason behind the rise in picking up food rather than dining in, it is clear that the trend is here to stay, and restaurant owners should embrace it.

So, if your restaurant does not have a devoted pick-up area with its own parking and clear signage, it is time to hire restaurant renovation services and have it constructed.

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