Signs You Might Have Hired The Wrong Commercial Construction Company

Whether you’re going to build a new office, retail store, or commercial space, or renovate an existing building, there are usually many concerns involved during the process, like your budget, work schedule, workforce productivity, and more. Being a project owner, all you want is peace of mind when embarking on any new commercial construction plan.

Having the right general contractor who entirely understands your projects requirements and knows what your company’s needs are can make the process a lot easier and allow you to focus on the other aspects of your business while the construction activities are being done. They can operate within your budget constraints, meet your schedules deadlines, provide solutions to complex problems, maintain open communication, and more.

While every project owner must know about their commercial contractors’ top qualities, it also pays off to learn about some of the warning signs to inform you whether you have hired the wrong contractor.

The following are top warning signs that will tell if you have hired or are going to hire the wrong commercial construction company for your project:

Lack Of Communication And Availability

If a general contractor doesn’t respond to your initial phone call or email, then you must keep searching for a better construction management company. After all, you would want to hire a commercial builder that will establish and maintain ongoing communication from start to finish.

The best commercial construction and renovation experts will always strive to keep their customers informed about all aspects of their projects. They will assign a dedicated project manager to your project to manage it consistently, efficiently, and effectively.

In short, if a construction firm isn’t quick enough to provide you with the required information regarding your project, you should look elsewhere to find better and reliable local commercial constructors.

Inadequate Budgeting

Budget is a critical aspect of any commercial construction project that must be kept in control right from the start. If you begin receiving pricing increases on day one of your project, you may have selected the wrong contractor.

While you can anticipate some cost fluctuation throughout the process, your contracted construction experts should stick as close to the specified budget as possible. They should be able to clearly explain and document when and why you need to amend your forecasted project budget.

Lack Of References

If your prospective commercial build cannot provide you with references from previous projects, this indicates their inability to complete a project on time or within budget. This can also point towards a lack of satisfaction from their previous clients. Always look for a general contractor open to sharing recommendations, testimonials, or references from previous projects.

Poor Time Management

As a project owner, time management should be your top priority; to achieve desirable results in a specific time frame, it is imperative that you hire a professional construction or renovation company to finish your project on schedule. If you are consistently waiting for the construction crew to show up at your site, it means that the contractor doesn’t value your time as much as they value theirs.

Some of the other notable warning signs you have hired or are potentially hiring the wrong commercial contractor include a lack of affiliation with local trade associations, insufficient transparency during the bidding process, absence of a contract, and poor technical skills.

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