Things To Look For In Your Commercial Building Contractor

Whether you’ve been involved in plenty of construction projects in the past, or this is your first time embarking on a new project with your commercial property, you need to know who you can trust in the industry to work for you.

Choosing a commercial general contractor is a tough decision to make as the contractor will be responsible for making your project a success or a complete disaster. And while there are many options in the industry, you must prioritize what matters most in deciding who to hire.

To help you in this process, we, as experienced professionals in the field, recommend below the top qualities/skills of a general contractor.

Good Communication

The right contractor must have exceptional communication skills. As he will be handling most of the crucial aspects of the project, he must be able to present his ideas rationally to his client during discussions and must answer their questions clearly.

After discussions with the contractor, the client should walk away feeling reassured and convinced that the two parties understood one another completely. Overall, every interaction between the contractor and the customer should be pleasant for both parties.

These communication patterns are essential, as the construction projects can last for months, and without these skills, the relationship between the client and the contractor may fail.

Exceptional Customer Service

Business owners have to work with the commercial contractors closely throughout the project. These projects can be extensive and complicated. If the contractor is unable to cooperate with the client on all levels and fails to form a productive business relationship with them, then the project can easily fall apart.

For the project’s success, the contractor must provide excellent customer service. This will prevent miscommunications and will help the project run smoothly. Contractors must be easy to reach, quick to respond, friendly, polite, and careful when answering client’s questions.

At BelVan Construction, for example, we have an excellent customer service plan in place at all times, and our focus has always been on offering construction services in a respectful, responsible, and reliable manner.

Highly Organized

An excellent contractor must be able to complete your project with high-end work from start to finish. Renovation and remodeling projects are highly challenging tasks and have complicated timelines. Therefore, to successfully complete the project, extensive planning and coordination are required.

For example, at the start of the project, contractors must create detailed contracts that outline everything necessary about the project. It must include scope, objectives, and state of work including location, deadlines, material information, cost, payment terms, etc.

Once both parties sign the contract, the contractor must have processes in place to ensure the conditions are being met from the start. This organized behavior from the contractor’s side is crucial for managing large projects successfully.


Because construction projects are multi-level endeavors and are highly complicated, not everyone can comprehend them. Only skilled and detail-oriented contractors with a vast knowledge of all aspects of construction can handle such jobs.

Reliable contractors pay close attention to details. And since these projects are complicated undertakings, small problems can easily aggravate to form bigger problems, and only an expert will be able to fix them at the right time. Detailed-oriented contractors provide the best product and the best customer service possible. They ensure quality at all stages of the project and make plans that are practical and detailed and follow the contract.

These are some of the top qualities/skills of a good contractor. If you’re looking for a team of professional and experienced staff members that deliver the best construction services in BC, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, then visit our website or contact us today for a free quote.


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