Things To Consider Before Starting A New Commercial Construction Project

When a business is looking to make changes to their current space leaders often struggle with knowing what to do first.

Starting a new commercial construction project properly requires the early involvement of professionals who do this on a daily basis. A professional contractor can help you consider options, set goals, establish a budget and lay out a project plan that will guide the entire process.

In order to help the process go as smoothly as possible you should consider doing the following:

Establish A Building Committee Within Your Company

The success of a new construction project often depends on the building committee. The building committee ensures that the new construction goals align with all the Stakeholders’ visions and mission statements. The building committee takes responsibility for establishing the architect, builder, or design-build team’s budget and hiring.

The committee must regularly communicate the progress of the new construction to the project stakeholders. Committee members do not necessarily need to know how to construct a building; that’s the architect and builder’s job. They need to understand how to plan and implement a project successfully and thoroughly.

Set Goals For Your New Building Or Space

The success of a building project requires the committee to identify the specific goals for the new or renovated space. Acquiring input from all of those who will be using the space is an important step that will not only bring new ideas, but also make those parties feel involved in the process.

Develop A Budget

The building committee must establish a realistic total budget for a building project. During this process they should not only consider the up front construction costs but also consider the cost of future operations and maintenance. For instance, building an energy-efficient building provides monthly savings on utility bills and reduces long-term operating expenses. An experienced contractor can provide insight into what certain work should cost.

Consider Design-Build For Your New Building Construction

The design-build construction method consists of a designer and builder that work under a single contract as a team. If a building committee hires a design-build team, the committee will only manage one contract and one responsible party. Also, the design-build method minimizes changes in orders, which hastens the building project, and ultimately saves you money.

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