How To Keep Your Commercial Construction Project On Schedule

When planning a new commercial construction or renovation project, project managers must establish an estimated timeline or work schedule for their projects completion. Generally, it’s the general contractors’ job to prepare project schedules and revisit them on a regular basis throughout the project duration.

A predetermined work schedule will help you plan vital aspects of your project effectively, like pre-leasing items, structuring your projects financing, and more. As a project manager, it’s essential to stick to your projects timeline as the success of many things depends on it.

The following are some of the top tips that will help you keep your commercial construction or renovation project on schedule:

Choose A Reliable Commercial Contractor

When you’re going to build a new retail, office, salon, restaurant, or any other commercial building, you’ll need the services of a construction company with the right skills and expertise. This will help you ensure the timely and successful completion of your project. A qualified and experienced general contractor will know how to juggle various subcontractors’ schedules and coordinate essential services to keep your project on schedule.

Make Firm Decisions

While your contractor is responsible for much of your project’s timeline, you can control some parts of it too. When a client suddenly changes their mind about the work scope, the schedule needs to be adjusted accordingly. In some instances, you might need to revisit the entire project design. In other cases, you might also need to change the already completed work or even halt the whole process while you’re creating the new plans.

Whatever the case, stay firm on your project and make firm decisions the first time about proposed schedule changes and other related matters. Ensure that you include everything in your plan and avoid adding things in the later stages of the construction process. Otherwise, your entire project could cost you more time and money.

Stick To Your Initially Selected Materials

Avoid changing your mind about using different materials, as it can seriously hurt your timeline. For instance, if you decide to change the roof type you want to install on your new commercial building, remember that different roofing materials require different installation methods.

Keep Reviewing Work With Your Contractor

Reviewing your team’s work regularly with your general contractor is one of the best ways to help you keep your project on schedule. Experienced construction management companies provide their clients with walk-through appointments for process review at regular intervals.

Many contractors offer their customers walk-throughs before hanging drywall. This helps their clients see the position of various electrical power units, HVAC units, water faucets, and additional components.

Communicate Openly With Your Contractor

Finally, every project owner or manager must maintain open communication with their contractor throughout the process. Make sure you remain reachable to your contractor at times to avoid project delays.

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