BelVan Construction has implemented a thorough “COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol” which ensures the health and safety of our clients, staff, subtrades and the general public.

COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol

At BelVan Construction, we believe that the construction process is about more than merely constructing a building or renovation. Many of our projects begin long before the site selection or the preparation of the drawings. Our experienced and qualified team offers the expertise and resources to evaluate sites or buildings, develop concepts, provide accurate budget pricing, and explain various construction options. Our approach helps our clients and partners make better, more informed decisions resulting in expedient project delivery.

Cost-efficient projects always start at the pre-construction stage. BelVan Construction has a specialized design-build engineering and construction management team that works with their clients closely right from the project's start. This helps ensure the design and engineering meet the specific project requirements and are cost-effective from a constructability viewpoint. We make sure your project gets completed within your budget requirements with maximum schedule efficiency.

BelVan Construction provides expert pre-construction consulting services across Alberta, Saskatchewan, and BC. Our experienced engineers can translate your architect’s plans and convert them into reality. As specialists in providing pre-construction consultation for various businesses, we offer services to individuals and multinational corporations, including restaurants, bars, medical facilities, offices, retail stores, recreation, and public spaces.


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