BelVan Construction has implemented a thorough “COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol” which ensures the health and safety of our clients, staff, subtrades and the general public.

COVID-19 Jobsite Protocol

Frequently Asked Questions About The Design-Build Process

July 29, 2020

Design-build is a project delivery technique used in the construction industry. The design-build team works with the project owner under a single contract to deliver specialized design and construction solutions. Most businesses that haven’t experienced this particular method of project delivery have misconceptions about how it works. Here, we will provide answers to some commonly … Continue reading “Frequently Asked Questions About The Design-Build Process”

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What Can Be Done To Make Office Spaces More Social Distancing Friendly

July 23, 2020

Over the years, workplaces have evolved from one form to another; from traditional desks to cubicles to open spaces, including standing desks for increased productivity and collaboration. What’s next? The ongoing COVID-19 situation means that employers will have to transform their workspaces to incorporate improved sanitization practices and social distancing. As businesses are preparing to … Continue reading “What Can Be Done To Make Office Spaces More Social Distancing Friendly”

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10 Steps That Make A Construction Project Successful

July 15, 2020

A construction project takes too much time, effort, cost, experience, and dedication not to complete successfully. It isn’t very easy to stay vigilant, and to be able to keep everything on track during the construction of a building. However, there are specific steps to follow if you want your construction project to be a success. … Continue reading “10 Steps That Make A Construction Project Successful”

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COVID-19 And The Construction Industry

July 8, 2020

COVID-19 has set back many industries, including the construction industry. People are forced to make changes to adapt to the new situation. As workers make their return to their work-sites, there are many things that employers must change to ensure safety for everyone involved. Here are a few ways in which the entire construction industry … Continue reading “COVID-19 And The Construction Industry”

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